Heather O’Bannon has been a principal for 19 years in Ohio. Five years at the Dayton Islamic School, a non-public school like Sunrise Academy, and 14 years at Westside Academy which is a public charter school in Columbus. Heather is the first and only principal at Westside Academy. She is proud of the schools designation as ‘A High Quality Charter School’ by the Ohio Department of Education.

She has been a volunteer and parent at Sunrise Academy for 19 years. She has five children, four whom attended Sunrise Academy. She was elected by the schools parents to serve on the Islamic Society of Greater Columbus (ISGC) Board (the schools Board of Trustee, or owner). She has been an active member of the ISGC board where she has supported parents’ concerns on administrative and policy issues. She is on the ISGC Boards Personal Committee where she interviewed and voted to hire the current principal. She was appointed by ISGC to the School Board, and is a member of the School Boards Education Committee.

She actively promotes and volunteers in Scouting programs for both Boy Scout and the Girl Scouts organizations, and has ran both programs at Sunrise Academy. She, her husband, and their children enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, and traveling. They especially enjoy working and volunteering to serve the Muslim American Community at large, and the greater Hilliard Community where they call home.

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