Raised: $5,700.00

Goal: $200,000.00

In light of recent circumstances, we have decided to transition our fundraising initiative from in-person events to an online platform.

Our Fundraising Goals:

Extra Bonus System for Teachers and Staff:
  • Recognize and appreciate dedicated teachers.
  • Foster a positive, motivated work environment.
  • Create a culture of excellence in education.
  • Attract and retain highly qualified educators.
Increase Security Measures at Our Islamic School:
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and staff.
  • Strengthening the security infrastructure of Sunrise Academy.
Expand and enhance High School:
  • Update and enrich the high school curriculum.
  • Attract qualified teachers with expertise in Islamic culture.
Our exceptional teachers and support staff are not just educators; they are guiding lights in shaping the future of our community. Together, we are raising exceptional Muslim Americans who are grounded in their faith, knowledge, and values.

Your generosity in supporting our fundraising goals contributes to the overall success and growth of Sunrise Academy Jazakum Allah Khair for considering this important aspect of our fundraising initiative.


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