Elementary School Behavior Management System - K-5:

Positive Incentives for Positive Choices - When students shine in their behavior, follow rules, and live our values, they can earn rewards. Positive incentives will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Color System for Positive and Negative Choices - When students make choices that do not align with our rules and values or when they make positive choices, they move along this 7-step color system:

Step 7 Rainbow- Students that reach this step have gone above and beyond.Teachers/students will refer to this step as “going beyond Z”

Step 6/5/4 Yellow – Students will start their day on 4 and can move up the tracker through positive behavior. If a student finishes their day in Yellow, they might have made a few negative choices, but still SHINED for most of the day.

Step 3/2 Blue - If a student finishes their day on Blue, they made several choices that made them and their teammates sad, or “Blue.” 

Step 1 Gray - If a student finishes their day on Gray, they make many negative choices throughout the day. It was a cloudy, gray day.

Step 0 Red – If a student finishes their day on Red, they made many negative choices and were referred to the office for a Level 2 Major Infraction and will receive a consequence.

Every student starts over at Step 4 on each new day.

During the course of one day, students are able to move up or down the color system to ensure students feel successful and know that they can “turn their behavior around”