We want every student to experience success at school, and you can help your child do so.Getting your child’s day off to a good start is one of the most effective things you can do for him/her. You can make sure your child starts each day on a positive note by cooperating with and supporting our efforts in the following way:

Send your child to school on time, not late or very early.

Teach your child to respect and obey all school staff and school policies. All teachers and other adults have authority and are responsible for the safety of children and general building order.

Speak with your child about treating other children in the same manner as she/he wishes to be treated (avoid name calling, arguing, etc.)

Tell your child to go directly to and from the bus route using the same route/routine every day.

Send your child to school properly washed and dressed, using the dress code and weather conditions as guides.

Good nutrition maximizes your child’s day at school. Please provide your child with a nourishing breakfast and lunch.

Discuss with your child all the information in this handbook so that she/he clearly understands what is expected from him/her at school.

Become actively involved in your school. You can do so by participating in the PTO, or by volunteering to assist with special school projects.

If anything changes that would affect your child’s behavior or academic process at school, you must notify his/her teacher or the Principal.

It is very important that you tell your child when he/she is doing a good job in school – praise him/her for good efforts and good behavior at school. We will do the same at school.

This can be a successful learning experience for your child, but it will take a lot of hard work on his/her part as well as your cooperation as parents. It’s worth everyone’s best effort, and we guarantee to give each child our very best.