Sunrise Academy students, parents, and staff members are expected to display high standards of personal Islamic conduct. Such standards are important for personal pride and achievement as well as school pride and reputation. Those who display inappropriate behavior can damage the reputation of the school.

The discipline procedures of Sunrise Academy shall be based on the premise of ZERO TOLERANCE and that every student attending school is able to differentiate between right and wrong, that every student is aware that he/ she is attending school primarily to learn and profit through the course of study, and that constituted authority and school regulations are necessary for the proper conduct of the school.

The School Board recognizes that it has a solemn obligation to protect the public property entrusted to its care and authorizes and charges the Principal with the task of protecting the rights and privileges of those students who sincerely desire to learn and who make an honest effort to do so. Any student who demonstrates that he/she is unable to differentiate between right and wrong, or who has no apparent desire to profit from the course of instruction, or who has no regard for the rights of the students, or any combination of the above is subject to severe disciplinary action including expulsion from Sunrise Academy.

Authority of School Employees

All employees of Sunrise Academy have certain responsibilities to the school; and in order to carry out these responsibilities, they have the authority to correct students when the need arises. If any employee corrects any student, whether the employee is faculty, clerical, custodial, or a bus driver, the student is expected to accept such correction. Students and parents must comply with staff directions while at school or during school-related activities. Refusal by students or parents to abide by the rules and regulations of the school may constitute a forfeiture of the right of the student to attend Sunrise Academy or forfeiture of the parent's right to visit the school or school-related functions.

Conduct is in Force

The Sunrise Academy Discipline Policy applies in the following situations:

1. During regular school hours.

2. On the school bus or other transportation sanctioned by the school.

3. During school sponsored events.

4. When going to and from school on field trips

5. During events and activities associated with the school.

6. With respect to any misconduct of personal nature or directed at others that violates this discipline policy, whether on or off school premises.

Additionally, the Principal is authorized to take disciplinary action when a student’s misconduct away from school has a detrimental effect on the other students or on the orderly educational process.