Qur’an Competition on May 5

q1Sunrise Academy’s annual Qur’an competition will be held on May 5, 2015.

“Read the Qur’an, for verily it will come the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for whoever used to recite it” (Muslim, No:804)

Pre-K: Surah Fatiha, Surah 106, 108, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114
KG: Surah 102- Surah 114
1ST GRADE: Surah 91- Surah 98
2ND GRADE: Surah 94-95, Surah 84-89
3RD GRADE: Surah 83- Surah 89
4TH GRADE: Surah 82, Surah 73- Surah77
5TH GRADE: Surah 77, Surah 62- Surah 66
6TH GRADE: Surah 69, Surah 54- Surah 57
7TH GRADE: Surah 48, 49, 50, 51 and 62
8TH GRADE: Surah 51, Surah 42- Surah 46

q2Terms and Conditions:

  • Tajweed requirement for KG-3rd grade is limited to correct pronunciation of letters.
  • Registration forms are due by April 22nd, 2015. Click here to download the Registration Form.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 achievers per grade level, where all contest requirements are met.

The Family and Youth Institute

logoWhat does it mean to “realize your full potential?” Does it mean that one must only work hard? Or do other factors fall into this concept as well? How do you and your family work to your full potential? Well if you have questions, we have answers. We would like to introduce you to an outstanding new program that is now available to our community!

The Family and Youth Institute (The FYI) is a non-profit research and education institute that assists young people and their families in regards to realizing their full potential through “mind, body and spirit.” The FYI promotes positive youth and family developments through two main domains: innovative research, and community education. By using these two factors, the FYI has come to the following results within their program (The following information can be found on the FYI’s website):

“The FYI team has presented numerous professional and community presentations across North America. In addition, FYI also regularly contributes to scholarly publications as well as psycho-educational articles for the community. Most recently, members of the FYI team edited and contributed to the book, Counselling Muslims: Handbook of Mental Health Issues and Interventions, which has garnered accolades from leaders in the mental health community. All of this is recognition of the unique expertise, depth and quality of FYI’s work.”

Furthermore, the Family and Youth Institute are headed in the following direction:

“The FYI has an ambitious agenda not only in exploring new areas that are extremely important to Families and Youth, but also in significantly expanding its Community Education efforts. We are institutionalizing the work by adding professional staff members, researchers and community workers. The researchers will help further the FYI’s research agenda, while the community workers will help ensure that these research efforts translate into practical programs that directly impact families and communities.”

In shaa Allah, Sunrise Academy will be working with the Family and Youth institute (FYI) to provide opportunities such as parent workshops, as well as professional development workshops for our staff at Sunrise.

If you would like to sign up to receive emails with more information and details regarding the FYI, please visit the website provided below, and sign up to receive emails in which will include more information and articles. Visit The Family and Youth Institute (FYI) website at: http://www.thefyi.org/about-the-fyi/

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the school.

April 2015 Lunch Menu

Calendar_0The April breakfast and lunch calendars have been posted on our website.

All lunches are halal and will be provided by Arlene’s Cuisine.

Lunch calendars are due no later than Monday, March 30th. All lunch orders must be purchased in advance. Please attach check or money order with your lunch order. Meals may also be purchased from the office with credit card. No cash, please. $2 per child will be applied to all late orders, no exceptions.

Click here for the 2014-2015 Breakfast Menu (menu updated 8/19)

Click here for the April 2015 k-8 halal lunch menu


CRASE Certification

Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott dropped by to officially present Sunrise Academy with our CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) certification. This is one of the many steps Sunrise Academy is taking to ensure and improve our school safety and security.


Literacy Night on Thursday, March 12th

a95b445244d9146652773642ae26ecc3Come join Sunrise Academy for our annual Literacy Night on Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 5:30pm-7:00pm. The event will take place in the gym and is geared to celebrate and enrich our students’ love of literacy from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. The PTO meeting will be canceled that evening.

The event will feature various strategies to help strengthen areas of Language Arts, Arabic and Islamic Studies. There will be games, raffles, face painting, book fair and snacks for sale!!!

Students must be accompanied by their parents through the ENTIRE event.

If you have any questions, please contact our main office.

Parent Teacher Conferences on February 17th & 19th

photo 5 (2)-001There will be no school on Tuesday, February 17th due to weather. Parent teacher conferences are also cancelled for today and will be rescheduled.

On Tuesday, February 17th and Thursday, February 19th from 4:30pm to 7:00pm, Sunrise Academy will be holding Parent Teacher Conferences.

The Sunrise Academy PTO needs your help in providing dinner for our teachers during parent teacher conferences on Thursday, February 19th.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up to bring a dish.

All food should be delivered to the school no later than 3:00pm on February 19th. Jazak Allah Khair!